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OFM Run Training Program

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OFM Run Training is unique and innovative in its methodology as it not only incorporates periodized training for the run component but to also drive the fat adaptation physiology into higher and higher rates & intensities of fat metabolism to yield the paradigm-shifting health & performance results OFM athletes are experiencing across sport, age, gender and ability.

  • OFM Coached Run Program is specifically tailored to the individual's lifestyle and goals.
  • Detailed Intake questionnaire so the focus is on YOU, the individual.
  • Initial consultation of 30-60+ minutes with email follow up evaluation and guideline
  • Weekly updates/adjustements to your training as conditions and circumstances dictate.
  • Run distances include everything from "Couch to 5K " up to Road Marathon and Trail 50K distances and easily scaled to achieve results for the beginner, intermediate and advanced level athlete.
  • Use of either  Final Surge (FS) or  Training Peaks (TP) platforms to track, communicate and upload metrics so your OFM Coach can track you. 
  • Synchronicity:  OFM Run Training synchronizes your training and racing load to your lifeload to for an integrated approach that is individualized for you rather than imposing changes on you that don't fit well in the context of your life.
  • Dynamic: The program is continuously updated / revised on a weekly basis based upon the athlete's progress and/or unexpected events, lifeload etc.
  • OFM Nutrition Guidance on Fueling for training and racing including Strategic Carb use and fueling during training and events. 
  • Pre-event briefing & Post event de-briefing. 
  • Continual advancement. The training program prepares the athlete to take command of their OFM journey through teaching the complete cycle of base, disruptive periodization training, event, recovery/adaptation, training, event, recovery/adaptation, off season. This investment is designed to teach the athlete how to make the OFM way of life easy, enjoyable and, most of all, sustainable
Cost & Payment:
The athlete commits to at least a 4 month re-occurring billing. At the time of checkout on initial payment athlete will sign up for auto-ship of $300 for the setup and first month and then $150 for each subsequent month.

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