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OFM Monthly Mentorship Program

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Whether you are new to the concept of fat adaptation, keto, paleo or simply looking to up your game the OFM Monthly Mentorship Program takes our wealth of pioneering innovation & success in fat adapted performance and individualizes it specifically to you, your life and your sport. The OFM Mentorship Programs are  designed to set the athlete on their OFM Journey using their goal event as a catalyst. Included in the program if you remain for at least 12 months:

  • A comprehensive evaluation including an intake questionnaire and any data you provide and find relevant such as labs, training data, HRV etc.
  • Following the evaluation comes a 30-60 minute consultation followed by an assessment with guidelines to start you on your OFM journey.
  • Weekly updating of your programming based on athlete's weekly report, training data and food logs. 
  • Synchronicity: OFM Fat Adaptation Mentorship tailors OFM specifically to the individual's unique situation rather to make the program doable and sustainable because OFM is a comprehensive program for Life!
  • OFM specific Meal/Food/Menu guidance tailored to your needs and life; this includes what to eat (including options), when to eat it, where to obtain foods in a way that works for you. 
  • Supplementation protocols appropriate for the athlete including discounts for supplements & Vespa purchased from the Vespa website.
  • Fueling strategies appropriate for the athlete & their sport.
  • OFM based Training plans for your sport/athletic pursuits with synchronization of your Training Load to your "Lifeload" instead of making your life revolve around the training plan. 
  • Monthly Consultations with your OFM Coach. Weekly review. Daily commentary via training platform. 
  • Team Support: While your primary contact will be with single OFM Coach our OFM Team approach allows your coach to consult and even bring in other Coaches and Team members and draw from a vast well of fat adaptation experience and resources. 
  • Pre-event consultation & Post event debriefs.
  • Continual advancement. The monthly program prepares the athlete to take command of their OFM journey through teaching the complete cycle of base, disruptive periodization training, event, recovery/adaptation, training, event, recovery/adaptation, off season. This investment is designed to teach the athlete how to make the OFM way of life easy, enjoyable and, most of all, sustainable. 

 Investing in the OFM Mentorship Programs will pay priceless dividends in your life, health and performance.


  • Initial $475 includes setup and first month’s payment
  • $225 Initial Setup/Evaluation/Assessment fee
  • $250/month payments which will continue automatically after the first month

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