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Fat is YOUR fuel…

Humans are meant to metabolize fat as their primary aerobic energy source. For over 20 years VESPA has pioneered results driven performance. VESPA is a fat-burning catalyst which works with your body’s natural metabolic pathways. 

It is not a significant source of calories nor an electrolyte replacement nor an “energy” drink so you won’t feel a sugar high or a caffeine buzz (You won’t feel the crashes either). VESPA works by optimizing your body’s ability to derive its energy from a readily available and plentiful source to enhance athletic performance, recovery & overall health.

With VESPA, what you notice is what you don’t notice…

  • The ups & downs in energy levels
  • The mental fog and lack of focus
  • Impaired motor skills/coordination
  • Being wrecked after a workout
  • Food cravings
  • DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) the following day

VESPA does not “boost” performance but optimizes your natural potential. VESPA’s effects are subtle and largely un-noticed in the conventional sense. While the direct effects of tapping in to your natural fuel stores are key to endurance/stamina, the indirect effects are just as critical. The shift to beta-oxidation and ketosis also produces:

  • A blood-sugar stabilizing effect so mental focus and motor skills/coordination remain razor sharp allowing the athlete to be at the top of their game for their entire game and/or competition.
  • Significantly less damage  from Oxidative stress and lactate load which can be directly “felt” in terms of significantly lower muscle soreness. 
  • Improved performance from carbohydrate intake; using VESPA and its OFM program athletes consistently note their “fat-adapted” state increases the benefits from the carbohydrate intake. Carbs works better, stronger, using less when using VESPA.
  • Significantly lower risk for Gastro/Intestinal issues.

While carbohydrates provide fast energy they should not be the principle energy source for the aerobic spectrum of your exercise. VESPA recommends “strategic” use of carbohydrates to maximize the benefits and minimize the issues related to their over-consumption. In fact, one way to notice how VESPA “works” is the carbohydrates will exert a more powerful, more sustainable boost, using less.

VESPA is “Nature’s Catalyst” to enhance athletic performance

VESPA is a synergistic blend of naturally-occurring, minimally processed ingredients from bees & wasps (Honey, Propolis, Royal Jelly, Wasp Extract). The key fat metabolizing catalyst is the wasp extract peptide derived from the Asian Mandarin Wasp (Vespa mandarina), one of nature’s most potent endurance & performance animals. This wasp flies between 70-100 KM per day in search of food and carries half its body weight to its entire body weight in food back to the colony to feed to the larvae. The adult wasp does not eat this solid food, rather, it receives a liquid containing the wasp extract peptide from the larvae in a symbiotic relationship called trophallaxis. This allows the the adult wasp to metabolize the fats stored in its thorax. In turn, the adult wasp feeds the larvae a food ball usually composed of other insects the wasp has preyed upon and subsequently chewed into a food ball using its powerful mandibles. Because all animal cells are similar across species the ingredients of VESPA exert their fat burning influence in human cells.




  • VESPA CV-25

  • Vespa Ultra Concentrate

    VESPA Ultra-Concentrate

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