Vespa’s approach to Research & Development (R&D) is science based but real world driven. Because real world results matter. They matter to YOU! 

For the past 22 years thousands of athletes have consistently observed increases in performance, recovery and overall health with Vespa and through other strategies to optimize fat metabolism. Along the way several have won major competitions at the highest level of sport, set Course Records, World and National Records or simply podium in their Age Group or set a Personal Record.   We are “Ground Zero” for a revolution in metabolic health & performance. 

The real world is also where science begins…..with observational evidence

Don’t forget this in this age of Titled experts waving around published studies because, at the end of the day, whatever is being studied in the lab has to work in the real world . . . it has to work for you!

Our philosophy to our empirical research and data collection are based upon:

  • Evaluating our research priorities based upon a valid scientific basis for our working hypothesis then rigorously test them at the very edge of the Human Performance envelope in the real world of training & competition. Followup data collection to corroborate our real world results.
  • Applicability & Implementation in terms of real world application and outcomes
  • Open and transparent data and methodologies
  • Deep collaboration and feedback with participating athletes
  • Pass what we learn to our athletes, customers and independent academic entities for formal research

I spend countless hours reading studies to gain insights and understanding. Then we, athletes and I, apply them in real world application so they work for you. 

We support our customers by working directly with them to obtain optimal value from every pouch of Vespa. This support led to the development of the OFM Program / Protocols (OFM=Optimized Fat Metabolism). Combined with the winning results of Vespa/OFM athletes this led to the ground-breaking FASTER Study

We are taking the science of the FASTER Study “Beyond Keto” by developing pilot data for formal studies . . . cutting edge data like this graphed data showing sustained fat oxidation rates exceeding 2 grams per minute!

Vespa/OFM Athlete Data showing sustained 2+ gram/minute fat oxidation rate.

Why wait for the published studies when our data and real world results can guide you today to Higher Health & Peak Performance!