Bob Halpenny - 73 and getting younger with OFM & VESPA!

Bob is now 73….he was 72 when I shot this.

Want to slow the aging process down so you can be strong and vital as you age? Bob Halpenny’s Vespa powered, OFM journey is a testament to building metabolic capacity on the inside so you can be fit, strong and vital on the outside at any age.

Bob originally thought he was on a healthy path by following the conventional wisdom, however, his introduction to OFM, Vespa and OFM Pioneer, Peter Defty, completely changed his health & performance trajectory to reverse the vagaries of aging to restore his endurance, strength and vitality in his 60’s and 70’s to that of a person decades younger.

Hear how Bob incorporates the multi-dimensional, holistic approach of OFM; diet, proper movement, strength, endurance into a lifestyle which facilitates youthful vigor no matter what one’s age.

More Vespa Heroes Below...

To the Ends of The Earth

VESPA athletes don’t just ‘like’ VESPA. They absolutely won’t be caught doing a hard or long training session or compete without it!

That’s why we call them VESPA Heroes, because they have the courage to speak up and share their stories to help others understand getting their bodies back to burning ‘Fat as fuel’ the way Nature intended is the true path to health & performance.

Many of our Heroes hail from some of the most remote places in the world and go to a lot of added trouble and expense to obtain their VESPA

What’s stopping you when you are a click away?

Ask any VESPA athlete, VESPA is not just another supplement, but a game-changing catalyst for endurance, performance, focus and recovery. As these SUCCESS profiles demonstrate VESPA helps athletes of all ages & abilities not only reach their potential but literally set new benchmarks for human performance. Whether you are an elite, competitive age-grouper, or just trying to get in shape and make that fundamental shift to “Fat as your fuel” … will find athletes just like you are consistently excelling with VESPA!


Conquering the terrible 3 book cover


Debunking the 3 Biggest Performance Lies

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