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Vespa is a natural catalyst which accelerates fat metabolism by working with your body’s physiology to tap into YOUR unlimited energy, FAT! 


  • The ‘BEST BEFORE’  date on every pouch of VESPA uses the Japanese dating format of Year / Month / Day This is the most common reason consumers think the product has expired.  
  • The packaging technology used in VESPA preserves the products for years after the “Best Before” date has passed as long as the pouches are properly stored (i.e neither frozen or exposed to high heat).

No, most athletes should realize the benefits from using VESPA without making any changes to their diet or training. Many elite athletes who have won competitions at the highest levels use VESPA on a conventional diet and fueling protocols (except they need a LOT less fuel).  

Because Vespa works with your natural physiology rather than circumvent it you won’t get the sugar rush from a gel and/or the  caffeine high from stimulant based energy/fueling products. You won’t get the crash either. What you will get is steady, natural energy, strength and stamina. 

  • The ups and downs in energy levels just steady natural energy.
  • The lack of mental fog, irritability, mental/emotional instability, instead sharp focus, mental/emotional stability and execution.
  • The need to constantly fuel/eat. VESPA users generally experience a dramatic drop in caloric intake during exercise.
  • The GI distress & ‘bonking’ are eliminated. 
  • The days or weeks of soreness and stiffness after an event or heavy block of training. Using VESPA you PREVENT DAMAGE from the oxidative stress and lactate load created from burning lots of glucose/sugar. People think of this as fast recovery but it’s really ‘DAMAGE PREVENTION!’

Vespa is a natural catalyst (“Nature’s Catalyst’) which works with your natural fat burning physiology to enhance your ability to tap into YOUR virtually unlimited energy source: FAT. 

In other words, Vespa’s 19 calories helps access the thousands of calories you are meant to burn aerobically.

Vespa’s synergistic composition of Honey, Propolis, Royal Jelly & Wasp Extract are so natural, safe & legal that the FDA classifies Vespa as an ‘Acidified Food Product’ NOT as a ‘Dietary Supplement.’

The key ingredient in Vespa is “Wasp Extract,” a naturally-occurring bio-active peptide derived from the Asian Giant Wasp. This allows this predatory wasp to fly 60-100 Kilometers per day, kill prey, and carry 1/3 of it’s weight in a food ball back to the colony to feed to larvae, all done using “Fat for Fuel!”

 Because animal cells are remarkably similar across species the Japanese entomologists who made this discovery of nature, theorized this peptide would have a similar physiological response across species. Studies in Japan and Vespa’s 20 year real world success at the highest levels of sport confirm this

Vespa confers several benefits beyond endurance, stamina and the need for calories:

  1. Cellular DAMAGE PREVENTION which is seen as faster ‘recovery’ by Vespa users. This is due to significantly lower oxidative stress and excess lactate (i.e. Lactic Acid buildup) by metabolizing fat instead of glucose ( Blood Sugar).
  2. Retention of fine Motor Skills / Coordination. This is a result of the ‘Blood Sugar Stability’ Vespa provides by making the fundamental shift to ‘fat as fuel.’ 
  3. Mental Focus & Stability. Again, the ‘Blood Sugar Stability’ provided by the shift to ‘fat as fuel’ drives the physiology of homeostasis.
  4. Attenuation of hunger triggers. This, yet again, is afforded by the ‘Blood Sugar Stability’ of making a shift to ‘fat as fuel.’ Taken ahead of the onset of hunger triggers Vespa curbs hunger to help people transition to a fat burning physiology.

The choice to do so is up to the athlete as VESPA does not endorse anything of this nature. This being said, athletes weighing less than 165# / 75Kg report they do very well by moving up to CV-25 and/or VESPA Ultra-Concentrate. 

Yes!, in fact, Vespa athletes consistently report : 

1) They need 25-80% LESS exogenous calories when using Vespa. This reduction makes Vespa a LOT less costly than it appears on the shelf!

2) These supplemental calories now “work” like Rocket Fuel!

3) These calories are sustainable for the performance “boost”      and avoid the dreaded “Bonk”.

4) Using Vespa eliminates the stomach & GI issues associated with trying to consume lots of calories and perform physical activity.

The “Legal” answer is if anyone is allergic to bee/wasp stings or products we advise against using VESPA, however, in the interest of Full Disclosure we add that there has never been anyone use VESPA who has suffered a severe allergic reaction to the product and we know of several athletes who are highly allergic to bee/wasp stings who use the product with no negative effects and only the typical benefits. It is the athlete’s choice to use VESPA and use it prudently for his/her sport.

VESPA is not sold or recommended to be used solely as a weight loss product. This being said, athletes using VESPA, particularly those who adopt the OFM program typically do see fat & water weight loss as an indirect result of using VESPA.

Yes, you can use Vespa to avoid snacking and take the edge off if you are making the transition to a low carb or keto state. 

Vespa is also a great took if you have to be on your game at work and need the mental focus.

Finally, one Vespa application several users have reported back to us about is using Vespa  with a glass of water to avoid a hangover after a night of heavy drinking. In the words of one user; “It’s like it never happened.” 

Some athlete find the taste objectionable. The first thing to do is try it chilled cold but not frozen. In many cases this makes the product palatable. If you still find the taste off-putting then we suggest mixing it with juice, sports drink or other beverage the athlete does enjoy.

Hornet Juice and VAAM are NOT the same as VESPA.

VESPA contains naturally-occurring, minimally process insect products (Honey, Propolis, Royal Jelly and the Wasp Extract peptide). VESPA’s key ingredient, the naturally-occurring Wasp Extract Peptide is VERY different from the amino acid blend of Hornet Juice or VAAM.

VAAM / Hornet Juice are sythesized products composed of free amino acids to make a blend which mimics the amino acid profile of VESPA which is fundamentally different form a biologically-active peptide.

It is YOUR body. . . you decide.

Experience the Vespa Power Difference


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