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One of the things athletes notice right away when they use Vespa, is the fast recovery.

It’s a recovery they’ve never felt before and one you have to experience to believe! Muscle soreness and joint stiffness are either eliminated or dramatically reduced. What’s more is you won’t be wrecked for weeks after a competition and able to start training within a few days rather than a few weeks or a month of ‘recovery’. 

To fully comprehend the VESPA recovery VALUE requires reframing the subject. Every athlete wants to ‘recover’ faster and there is no shortage of protocols along with a plethora of dietary and physical products to help the athlete ‘recover’ from training and competition. . . protocols like the four to one carbohydrate to protein ratio in that 30 minute post-exercise window, carbohydrate re-feeds or products like branched chain amino acids, recovery boots and compression wear . . . 

But guess what? . . . if you really want to ‘recover’ faster you need to get ahead of the conventional post exercise ‘recovery’ thinking. Enter VESPA . . .

VESPA reframes the RECOVERY focus from ‘recovery’ to DAMAGE PREVENTION! 

. . . the reason you ‘recover’ faster when using VESPA is you have not done the damage YOU need to recover from . . .

How? . . . By making a significant shift to ‘fat as fuel’ you prevent the damage from oxidative stress and lactate load caused by burning a lot of sugar! 

So stop and allow this paradigm-shifting concept to settle in for a moment . . .Damage Prevention over ‘Recovering’ from the damage done and the choice is obvious. 



  • VESPA CV-25

  • Vespa Ultra Concentrate

    VESPA Ultra-Concentrate

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