With VESPA Bonking is No Longer an Issue For You

Why we Bonk?

Bonking ‘tells’ the body that it is depleted and forces a sharp reduction in both physical and cognitive activity. In reality bonking occurs as a damage prevention mechanism long before you truly run out of energy. 

Sound familiar? . . . Has your body ‘told’ your mind a time or two you are done until you get that next hit of energy from a gel, bar or drink? . . . Fear of the dreaded bonk has reinforced this ‘need’ for the constant ingestion of carbohydrates which has only worsened the problem to the point our mind and body have completely forgotten how to tap into the literally thousands of calories you have onboard. 

You have the energy, you just can’t access it.

The real reason most bonking occurs is actually due to hormonal imbalances which force your body to rely on glucose (sugar/carbs) as the predominant energy source instead of fat, your principal aerobic energy source.

This is not your fault. Modern sports ‘science’ has almost exclusively focused on carbohydrate metabolism and companies have rolled out a plethora of products based around this ‘science’ to ‘fuel’ the literal demand of consumers who want to avoid the dreaded ‘bonk’.

The Result?

Sure, that hit of energy from a gel, bar or drink may ‘beat the bonk’ when you take it but over time this results in:

  • An ever growing need to ‘get’ to the next gel before bonking which really is a form of physiological addiction.
  • Increased swings in energy ‘ups & downs’ in training and racing and life.
  • GI issues.

Beating the bonk begins with You!

Evolution did not shape Humans to rely on gels, bars, and drinks for our energy to survive and thrive as a species. We were moulded to rely on our onboard energy. Sure, a gel or two can give you that extra push in a race, however, relying on them, rather than yourself for your base of energy is a dead end. Again, this is NOT your fault because, as a consumer, you have been ‘Sold & Told’ on the modern ‘science’. When the only solution presented is a bigger & better band-aid, that’s what most people do, put on a bigger & better band-aid.

So how do you get back to that native energy we all possess?

One starts by being open to a completely new way of thinking. Concepts foreign to you that challenge your current thinking and question how you came to believe that adding ever increasing amounts of carbs to fuel your training and racing was actually good for you.

You may have heard of a Paleo, Low Carb or Keto Diet but aren’t quite ready or willing to make that level of change.

Guess what?

You don’t have to because there is VESPA.

Think of VESPA as a ‘CATALYST not CALORIES’ to tap into YOUR limitless energy!

Based upon the ‘Science of Nature’, VESPA supplements are a natural catalyst which increases fat metabolism. Unpublished data demonstrates an increase anywhere from half a gram per minute to a full gram per minute of fat oxidation without any other changes in diet, supplementation or training!

Through this significant increase in fat metabolism you are shifting your energy source from an unsustainable source to a sustainable source of energy. This results in stable energy levels instead of the ups and downs and dramatically reduces the need for external calories when training and racing at high levels making bonking a thing of the past.

VESPA helps you ‘beat the bonk’ naturally. . .

VESPA is a product so natural it is classified by the FDA as Acidified Food and not a Dietary Supplement. You don’t need to have a PhD in Chemistry or Food Science to know what is in VESPA, natural ingredients like Honey, Propolis, Royal Jelly, and the Wasp Extract Peptide (Orange Juice in VESPA Junior) along with Citric and/or Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) to adjust pH.

VESPA is Safe, Legal and Stimulant Free. . .

With over 20 years on the market and used by thousands of athletes of all ages and abilities VESPA has led the science of fat adaptation with real-world, natural performance that works with YOUR physiology rather than side-stepping it.This includes several Olympic Gold Medalists, Winners, Podium Finishers, and Record Setters in some of the World’s most demanding endurance competitions who are tested. In fact, all of these athletes find they not only perform better but feel better during and after their events. Many have solved the bonking, GI and other issues that plagued them for years and turned back the aging process!


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