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Success Stories

Ask any VESPA athlete, VESPA is not just another supplement, but a game-changing catalyst for endurance, performance, focus and recovery. As these SUCCESS profiles demonstrate VESPA helps athletes of all ages & abilities not only reach their potential but literally set new benchmarks for human performance. Whether you are an elite, competitive age-grouper, or just trying to get in shape and make that fundamental shift to “Fat as your fuel” … will find athletes just like you are consistently excelling with VESPA!

"VESPA and it’s OFM program for fat-adaptation have been key to consistently getting me to the finish line without the nausea and bonks." – Jenny Capel, Ultramarathoner

"As a life-long athlete I have run the gamet of High Carb / Low Fat to Keto and finding VESPA and it's OFM program has not only improved my strength and performance to where I was able to finish IronMan Wisconsin with my PC daughter, Liza, but make life easy and enjoyable. I don't want to stop LIVING this way!" - Beth Hodges James, Team Liza


"VESPA is not just a game-changer for endurance athletes. The same fundamental shift to “fat as fuel” from VESPA benefits athletes competing in sports which require intense bursts of strength combined with razor sharp coordination, focus and motor skills." – Alexei Yagudin, Figure Skater



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