VESPA, Nature's Catalyst for Optimal Fat Metabolism (OFM)

Vespa ‘jump starts’ your fat adaptation by working with your body’s physiology to tap into your virtually unlimited energy instead of circumventing it with massive amounts of sugar/carbs if you are a high-carb athlete or fat bombs, Nut Butters, MCT oil, etc. if you are a keto athlete. By tapping into YOUR robust energy stores as your main source of energy you avoid the energy swings and the multitude of GI issues common when trying to physically perform and digest significant calories at the same time. 

Most of all, Vespa changes the paradigm for ‘RECOVERY’ through ‘DAMAGE PREVENTION.’ You think you ‘recover’ faster using Vespa because shifting to use fat as fuel actually prevents the damage due to the oxidative stress and lactate load caused by metabolizing glucose/sugar. 

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