Our Commitment

VESPA’s sole commitment is to help you achieve your potential. Just ask a VESPA athlete or view athlete SUCCESS! stories on this site. As a company we strive to offer:

  • The most innovative product nature provides for making that fundamental shift back to “fat as fuel” for athletes of all ages and abilities; VESPA.
  • Support VESPA & the consumer with the best information and resources possible so every VESPA consumer can get maximum value out of every pouch. The OFM program and this completely revamped site are outgrowths of this commitment to you, the customer.
  • Constant research and development to keep you up to date with the latest.
  • Continual contact with athletes, including ourselves, to improve actual application-based performance.
  • Leadership: The “cutting-edge” nutrition and sports physiology research is undergoing a seismic shift and VESPA is leading the way with race winning / record setting results which defy conventional sports nutrition/physiology on fat-based performance. In fact, it is becoming more and more obvious the recommended dietary advice of a high carbohydrate, low fat diet has had unintended consequences for human health and athletes do not escape these impacts. VESPA has been advocating focusing on fat metabolism for over a decade.

Sports Nutrition Philosophy:

VESPA’s sports nutrition approach is simple, twofold and based upon these two tenets:

  • Select ingredients for the diet and nutrition which are as close to their naturally-occurring forms as possible.
  • Optimal health yields optimal performance.

Getting the human body back to burning “fat as fuel” is the key to optimal performance & health. This is the energy source our bodies are meant to burn for almost the entire spectrum of aerobic energy yet conventional dietary and sports nutritional advice has taken most athletes far afield from their natural heritage. VESPA’s naturally-occurring, minimally processed ingredients are nature’s catalyst for fat based performance and health. The OFM Program gives the athlete the tools they need to be able to follow these two guiding tenets.

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