Bree Lambert-Sanders

100% believe in the benefit of product on performance”

What are your top 3+ events/races/goals planned for 2023? 

Boston Marathon,  Black Canyons 100k,  and either Wasatch, TRT or Leadville 100

Past athletic accomplishments 

  • This year 2nd AG Finish and BQ at Santa Rosa Marathon. 
  • 1st Female Overall , Silver State 50 mile , 2021 
  • 2nd OA Tahoe Rim Trail 100
  • TRT100 (2nd place 2021) 
  • Quad Dipsea Top 5 2019
  • Wastach 100 ( F8 ) 2019
  • WS 2013 (3rd F) Masters and 14th OA

What benefits do you get out of using VESPA? 

I feel Vespa has allowed me to push harder, longer and recover faster. I race hard and recover quickly. Minimal soreness and I am able to get right back to training cycle.

How long have you been using VESPA? 

2+ Years

How do you use/combine VESPA with other nutritional products?

  • Vespa,
  • Honey Stinger
  • Clean Energy ( all plant based vegan smoothie like gel)

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