Beth James AKA Team Liza

Beth James - VESPA/OFM Ambassador

“Stronger and simply feel better overall.

What are your top 3+ events/races/goals planned for 2023? 

  • 70.3 Des Moines
  • 70.3 Lubbock
  • 70.3 World Championship Finland Triple Bypass

Past athletic accomplishments 

  • Ironman Kona – First Female Mother/Daughter Team
  • Half Ironman Lubbock
  • Half Ironman Boulder
  • Half Ironman World Championship
  • Many 100 mile cycling events, triathlons, trail running events, nordic events.

What benefits do you get out of using VESPA? 

Better endurance. No stomach issues. No bonking. Stronger and simply feel better overall. Limited recovery time needed. 

How long have you been using VESPA? 

4 Years

How do you use/combine VESPA with other nutritional products?

Vespa and Gummy Cliff bites when needed during extreme long events and training.

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