Marco Pontes

“It has tremendously helped both performance and recovery.

What are your top 3+ events/races/goals planned for 2023? 

  • Copper Corridor 50K – February
  • Whiskey Basin 92K – April
  • Bryce Canyon 60K – May
  • Pass Mountain 50 Miles – November

Past athletic accomplishments 

  • 14 Ultramarathon Finishes
  • Javelina Jundred 100K (2x)
  • Pass Mountain 50M
  • Black Canyon 60K (2x)
  • Tahoe Rim 55K
  • 9 Full Marathon finishes including New York City, Chicago, Lisbon

What benefits do you get out of using VESPA? 

No bonking, no GI issues, no DNF’s, less hunger or need for calories. The fact that it stabilizes my GI system and makes me burn my own body fat for fuel. It has tremendously helped both performance and recovery.

How long have you been using VESPA? 

3 Years

How do you use/combine VESPA with other nutritional products?

LMNT (frequently), Spring gels (occasionally)

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