Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas - VESPA/OFM Ambassador

“I believe in the fat as fuel strategy and wanted to lower inflammation in my body as much as possible. Having Vespa allows me to accomplish this health goal.

What are your top 3+ events/races/goals planned for 2023? 

  • Southern Tour Ultra (50 miler)
  • Mountain to Sea (100 miler)
  • Iron Mountain Trail Race (50 miler)

Past athletic accomplishments 

  • Mountain to Sea (50 miler)
  • Iron Mountain (50 miler)

What benefits do you get out of using VESPA? 

My recovery! I used to be sore after every run. I only ran 3x/week and now I am 5-6x/week. I no longer have the muscle soreness after my runs, especially my long runs. It’s been amazing to see how I can run 15-25 miles and then just have a normal weekend. No more just lounging on the couch for a week celebrating my long run achievement. I’m just living life as an endurance runner thanks to Vespa.

How long have you been using VESPA? 

1 Year

How do you use/combine VESPA with other nutritional products?

I use Vespa with some Gu Gels, avocado potato chips, and S!Caps.

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