Peter Plavec

“My recovery is much faster and I’m not bonking anymore.

What are your top 3+ events/races/goals planned for 2023? 

  • Winter Swimming World Championship
  • Batalla de rande 27km Swim
  • Viderosternsimmet 21km Swim

Past athletic accomplishments 

  • All my accomplishments are while using Vespa. I became the World Champion in Ice Swimming in 2022 in my AG in 500m freestyle

What benefits do you get out of using VESPA? 

It helped me a lot with recovery. It is much faster now and I’m no longer bonking. I was Keto, but OFM with VESPA works much better. Vespa is expensive but you need much less of it in a race compared to other products, so in the end, using Vespa saves you money. 

How long have you been using VESPA? 

5 Years

How do you use/combine VESPA with other nutritional products?

I combine it with liquid L-carnitine and electrolytes.

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